Jimmy Kent, Original Male Characters, Downton Abbey, WWI
Underage Consensual Sex
Title: Little Stars
Length: 8 chapters

Chapter Two

Jimmy walked into his room and slammed the door behind him. Fuck. As he took off his shirt and trousers and draped them over a chair, he could hear footsteps coming down the hall.


It was Nesbitt. Great, just great.

"Yes Mr. Nesbitt."

"What was that noise?"

"The door slipped."

"I'm sure it did. Some of us are trying to sleep."


He could almost sense that his hand was on the doorknob, ready to enter. He better not come in without asking. That would be the final thing that would set him off. He waited until he heard him retreating to his bedroom.

He pulled the covers down and threw himself on the bed, propping his back against the wall. Once Daniel told Lady Anstruther he wasn't going to France, he would have two weeks before he had nowhere to live. She wasn't going to let him stay when he wasn't needed. A month's wages wasn't much. His meagre savings wouldn't go far. He had no family to fall back on, so he needed to find something fast. Still, with a good reference he was sure he could manage. Thank God for good looks and the gift of the gab. Those had gotten him pretty far when he needed them.

He reached over and lifted a Bible out of his nightstand drawer. This had become his nightly ritual ever since the war. He opened it up, pulled out a photo and laid the book to one side. It helped keep the photo from warping. He noticed that the photo's edges were getting a bit ragged, but otherwise it look like new. He looked at it for a moment before flipping it over. On the back he had written, "Harry and Jimmy 1915. Here we go again." Below it Harry had added, "Always together." He turned it back over. Harry was sitting in a chair and Jimmy was on its arm, his arm draped across his shoulders. Harry's hand rested on Jimmy's thigh. They had it taken a week before they shipped out to France. Harry insisted that they get four done. One for each of them and one for their parents. He thought it was too much money, but when Harry wanted something he usually got it.

Sometimes when he looked at it he thought about how different the world had been. They were off on an adventure, just like they always had been as children. Harry leading the way and Jimmy following because . . . Because even as a child he would have followed Harry anywhere. They had grown up on the same street. In fact, he couldn't remember when he hadn't known him. Harry, the one who was always getting them into trouble. His mother told him the time would come when he would regret the day he met Harry. But it never did. He was sure the things they did drove their parents mad and he occasionally had the sore behind to prove it. But the next day they would be into some more mischief.

They used to sneak off to the river for a swim even when they were told not to. They had found a secluded spot with an old shed where they would strip down, run the fifteen yards to the river and dive in, Ducking each other under the water, splashing and yelling. Seeing who could hold his breath the longest. Harry usually won because he would poke Jimmy in the stomach. But the river meant something more than friendship. It was the summer after they left school and were both to go into service. Neither had found a place yet and they really didn't want to rush. After playing themselves out in the water they climbed onto the bank and lay in the sun to dry.

Harry rolled onto his stomach. Looking at Jimmy it was surprising how alike they were. He was as dark as Jimmy was fair, but they still looked like they could be brothers. Maybe it was the cheekbones. He prodded Jimmy in the ribs.


"Do you do it often?"

Jimmy turned onto his side to look at him.

"Do what often?"

"You know."

He pointed to Jimmy's cock and made a stroking motion. Jimmy blushed all the way down to his chest.

"No. Anyway it's none of your business."

"You're lying. I can always tell. I bet you do it every night."

Jimmy laughed.

"Just because you do?"

"Yeah, so what."

"Harry, you're not supposed to. It's not good for you."

"You've been listening to your father again. Tell me then. If it's not good for you why does it feel so good?"

"I don't know. It just isn't."

Harry looked around.

"Yeah, well I don't plan on stopping. Matter of fact I could do it right now."


"Don't sound so shocked Jimmy. From where I'm lying you're already on your way. "

Jimmy had been unconsciously playing with his cock. He quickly pulled his hand away, but stayed facing him. The thought of doing it in public and doing it with Harry made him more excited. Especially doing it with Harry. If he only knew how he was part of the little ritual he had. How it wasn't just his own cock he was stroking. He leaned up one elbow to look around, nodding toward the shed

"It's too open here."

As Harry pushed himself off the ground, Jimmy could see that he was already hard. They ran to the shed just in case someone might be around. Harry closed the door and shoved the old table that held their clothes in front of it.

"You never know."

A tattered curtain over a broken window filtered light from the back of the shed. The floor was dirt and hard, so they propped themselves side by side against the table. Out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy could see Harry's hand already working furiously. He shifted a little closer, pretending he was trying to get comfortable.

"Bet I can finish before you do."

"Yeah, well, if you like it so much, why the hurry."

"Because I can always go again."

Jimmy started to giggle. He reached over to push Harry's shoulder, almost shoving him off the table.

"Hey, watch it. This thing is rough. I don't want slivers in my arse."

When he settled back their free hands were touching and their knees brushed against one another. Jimmy cautiously slipped his hand on top of Harry's. He felt rather than saw him slow down.

"What are you doing?"

He quickly pulled his hand away.


Harry got up and stood in front of him.

"I didn't say not to."

For once, Jimmy took the lead. He reached out and grabbed Harry's cock, pulling him closer, watching his eyes slowly close as his fingers slid up and down the shaft. Harry braced himself against his shoulders, their faces within inches.

"Uh . . . easy."

Jimmy clenched his fist around his cock, squeezing and then releasing. Harry groaned and jerked.

"I thought you were in a rush."

His eyes fluttered open and he leaned forward so their foreheads touched. He slid one hand down Jimmy's chest to play with his foreskin, pulling it back over the head as far as he could and pinching it gently. Jimmy gasped.

"Not with you. Never with you."

Jimmy's hand started moving again, pausing at the top of each stroke to tease the drops of liquid at its tip. Harry's hand slipped from his cock to his balls and then between his legs, sliding his fist back to raise him off the table then forcing open his cheeks so his finger could play with the hole. Jimmy's breath caught in his throat and then escaped in a whimper. Harry leaned in, supporting himself against his chest and took hold of his cock. Their strokes matched each other, Fast, slow, fast, slow. Harry shuddered as his hips heaved. Jimmy shoved his tongue between his open lips, sucking in each groan as the hot spurts soaked his stomach.

He felt his own cock throb as Harry tightened his grip and just held it. He thought he was going to explode as a surge pulsed up and stopped. He wrenched is mouth away from Harry's

"Jesus! Jesus! Let go!"

But Harry held tight a few seconds longer then released slightly. With the first shot, he stopped teasing his hole and slipped the tip of his finger inside. Jimmy almost jumped off the table but dropped back forcing his finger deeper. He jerked so hard that the next one hit Harry in the chin. With each one his back arched and he thought he was going to pass out. Harry kissed him to muffle his moans. Finally Harry stepped away and he fell back onto the table, lying there trembling, trying to catch his breath. Harry leaned over and kissed him again.

"You don't know how much I've wanted to do that, Jimmy, but I was afraid."

Jimmy sat up.

"You, afraid? Never thought I'd hear that."

"Afraid that I'd lose you if you didn't feel the same."

Jimmy reached up and pulled him down.

"I don't think that will ever happen."

A quiet knock at the door startled him. Christ, what did Nesbitt want now? He quickly pulled the covers up and lifted his knees to hide his erection.


Daniel appeared in the doorway.

"You shouldn't be here."

"I couldn't sleep. I wanted to make sure you were all right."

"I'm fine. I'll always be fine. Now, you should leave."

"I hoped you might still need someone tonight."

Jimmy thought about Harry.

"I need someone, but it's not you."

He watched the faint smile on Daniel's face fade.

"I'm sorry."

Daniel nodded and left.

It never should have been him. He realised now that Daniel had just been his attempt to find some type of solace. Something to make him feel alive again, but he knew he was just fooling himself. He would never allow himself to let that happen again, no matter what he had to do to stop it. Soon this place would be behind him and he could start again. A clean slate where no one knew him. He could create his own life and keep his past locked away.