Thomas Barrow, Jimmy Kent, Downton Abbey
Explicit Sex
Title: Heat
Length: 3 chapters
Before reading this, you should read The Edges of Life

Chapter Two

Jimmy lifted his hips as Thomas pulled his trousers and underwear off, tossing them to one side in a ball. Kneeling between his legs he pushed them further apart. He planted his hands on either side of his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss him. The roughness of his trousers grazed Jimmy's cock making him shudder and push up. As he plunged his tongue into his mouth, Thomas dropped his full weight on top, grinding his hips, feeling him moan. He broke away and stood up to get rid of the rest of his clothing.

"I want you to fuck me."

Thomas stopped, trousers and underpants around his ankles.

"But you've never .... It'll hurt. I didn't bring anything."

"I did." Jimmy pointed to the basket.

Thomas kicked his clothing away and rummaged in the basket, retrieving a small tin of petroleum jelly. He twisted the lid off. It had never been used.

"Where did you get this?"

"The chemist."

"But you haven't been to the village since last month." He frowned down at him. "How long have you been planning this?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess not. But still, are you sure? Sometimes it's not ...."

"I trust you."

He couldn't remember the last time anyone had told him that - probably never - but looking into Jimmy's eyes he knew it was true. He knelt down again, holding his gaze, and lifted his legs toward his head.

"Grab behind your knees."

He saw the beads of sweat trickle from his thighs, down between his cheeks, slicking the slight puckers of his hole. He leaned in and licked. Once, twice. He almost had to hold Jimmy down as a deep growl caught in his throat. Sitting back he saw a weak smile spread across his face just before he took his finger and massaged the sweat and spit, pressing in gently. Jimmy dropped his legs, trapping Thomas's hand while his finger continued to move. His hips arched as a drop of liquid oozed from his cock, glistening in the fine hairs of his belly. He twisted his hand free and coated two fingers with the jelly.

"You need to keep your legs back."


"Legs back."

Jimmy complied and Thomas eased them apart. His finger returned to its massage except this time he pressed a little deeper, stopping just inside the opening and twisting slightly. Jimmy whimpered with each turn. He pulled out and slid it back in, a little deeper, stopping as Jimmy tensed.

"Relax. Take a deep breath."

As he breathed in, Thomas pushed, slipping past the resistance until his finger buried to the knuckle. He cried out, but not in pain, as Thomas moved his finger back and forth, slowly at first then more quickly. On one of the outward movements he paused and added his other finger before slowly sinking them both inside, holding them. Jimmy winced.

"Are you alright?"

Jimmy was panting, eyes half-closed.


"Do you still want me to ...."


He slowly pulled his fingers out, added lubricant to his hand and lathered his cock with it. Jimmy rolled over onto his hands and knees. Thomas knelt behind him, guiding the tip of his cock so it pressed against him. Jimmy arched his back, pulling away.

"You need to keep low."

"I know, you sort of surprised me."

The tip slid in easily, but stopped as Jimmy groaned and shifted forward. He waited until Jimmy began to rock back and forth, taking him at his own pace. He timed his thrust for one of his backward movements, grabbing his shoulders to hold him and burying himself deep. Jimmy jolted and let loose a strangled sound, not quite pain, not quite pleasure. He gave him a few seconds to recover, before slowly pulling back, pausing, then shoving forward. With each push Jimmy moaned. Gradually he increased the speed as he grabbed Jimmy's cock with his lubricant-slicked hand, holding tightly and letting their motion take control. He could feel the familiar surge building as his groin slapped harder against Jimmy's ass. Jimmy became louder, his groans deeper, almost pleading

"Easy, Joe, easy. I'm going to ...." He tensed, momentarily locking Thomas in place, causing him to grunt loudly. Fuck! He felt him shake as he erupted, almost forcing him down onto the blanket as he thrashed on top of him. Thomas's hand began stroking, quickly putting Jimmy over the edge. His arms and legs gave way, toppling them both to the ground. They lay gasping and dazed, both drenched with sweat. Thomas rolled off onto his back, pulling Jimmy with him.

"I don't know about you, but I could do with a swim. Assuming I still have strength enough."

He stood up and reached out his hand to Jimmy, pulling him to his feet. He reached into the basket, retrieving a couple of napkins.

"I'll help you clean up."

Jimmy blushed.

"Oh, come on. I just fucked you, I think I can help with that." He started for the stream at a run.

He didn't hear me. I should have told him before, though. Maybe someday.

The stream was shallow, but it had formed a deeper pool at one of its bends. They spent half an hour in the water before Thomas grabbed one of the bottles of wine near the bank.

"I don't know about you, but I'm hungry and I need a drink and a cigarette."

Thomas opened the wine and poured while Jimmy sorted out the food.

"Does Carson know you have these?" indicating the plates and glasses which were definitely not from the kitchen.

"Of course. I want to get fired so I told him."

"I think I'm teaching you some bad habits."

"After the last hour or so, I would agree. But maybe not so bad."

"Glad to hear it."

They managed to get through almost the full bottle of wine while they ate and talked. The sex, the food, the wine, the heat combined to make them sleepy. Thomas stretched out on the blanket with Jimmy beside him, head on his chest, playing with the dark hair around his navel. Thomas kissed his forehead, softly stroking his cheek with his thumb. A breeze, the first all day, stirred the trees.

"So who's Joe?"